Hacked By Ghost Sky
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Security is Low

HVNGroups.Net__________________________________________Sky Nguyễn

Sky Ghost: Hacked By Sky Nguyễn

Sky Ghost: Welcome to the Largest Hacker Community VietNam - HVNGroups.net.....
Sky Ghost: We represent freedom and justice.
Sky Ghost: We respect the law Viet Nam, but there are things that are not in the management of it.
Sky Ghost: We are not anti-government organization rather.
Sky Ghost: We operate independently and disciplined.
Sky Ghost: We test vulnerabilities and help you overcome it.
Sky Ghost: We protect everyone Vietnam on the internet.
Sky Ghost: First, We send a warning to you that your website has been attacked.
Sky Ghost: We have accounted for the right to use it, but please be assured that , we do not vandals,We had just edited file index.html change to send a warning to you.
Second, to fix your system, and you need assistance, please contact us at HVNGroups.net or email: khuchatxua.info@gmail.com.
I'm Sky Ghost - Warning by Hacker Community Vietnam.
Sky Ghost: We are HVNGroups.
Sky Ghost: United as ONE.
Sky Ghost: We do not forgive Censorship.
Sky Ghost: We do not forget oppression.
Sky Ghost: Do not forget who I am?
Sky Ghost: Expect us !!
Sky Ghost: GoodBye Admin
Sky Ghost: Disconnected....

[+] Khi màn đêm buông xuống . Ai cũng vậy, dù là già hay trẻ, dù gái hay trai. Dù là người đã có gia đình hay người đang trên đường là lúc nỏi sợ của họ bắt đầu dân cao . cũng là lúc tao được hòi sinh và nõi sợ hải tàn ác của tao sẽ chếm lấy tâm trí của mầy.Who Am I ? I Am Ghost ,
Who Am I I Am Ghost... Ghost Sky Was Here...